Free Sample Guide

I know it’s tough taking a chance on a brand new company. I have been in a similar situation many times: I see a product I want, but the website just doesn’t look as trustworthy or official as I’d like. Ultimately my hesitation causes me to close out the website without making the purchase. Without a lot of social proof (reviews, internet presence, etc) it can be difficult to know if the website is even a real business. 

I want to alleviate any doubts by offering one of our minis for free. For now, this only applies to STL files. (download to be 3D printed by you) 

Here's how it works

  • When you create an account, your account is instantly awarded 250 points. ($2.50 of store credit.) 
  • Visit the rogue page and click “Add to cart” (To avoid abuse, this is the only file that has been marked down so that it can be downloaded for free. However, you could choose to apply the $2.50 discount to anything else in the store)
  • Proceed to checkout, click on “Apply Discount,” (this will reduce the total to $0.00) and complete the order.
  • After a short processing time, (about 5-10 seconds) the page will update with a download link. 
  • After you have had the chance to print it, you are invited to leave a review.
  • Your account is instantly awarded 60 points for every review that you leave. This includes “purchases” made using points. Only one review may be submitted for each product, and only verified owners are able to leave reviews. Reviews should always be an honest representation of your experience. Don’t be afraid to tell us what we are doing wrong or what we could be doing better. That being said, if you feel that we provided a good product, you’re certainly encouraged to leave five stars.

See how to access the free file in this short video walkthrough