Late Pledge for Skeletal Army Kickstarter

Miss the Kickstarter? No Problem!

There's Still Time.

Become a Late Pledge Backer and Take Advantage of This Amazing Deal!

  • Receive all STL files for less than $0.50 each! 
  • A Lifetime License For Merchant Tier. 
  • Get Pre-supported and Unsupported Versions of Each Model.
  • Get Instant Access to 30 Models and 6 Stylized Bases. 
  • Physical Products Also Available for Pre-Order at a Discount. (Shipping Expected in February 2021) 
  • Earn Runeforge Points For Backing. (in-store credit)  
  • As Always, Free Shipping for Orders over $100 

How Much Does it Cost?

What is Included?

When we first started our Kickstarter, we only planned to include 23 models. However, after taking suggestions and working with our backers, our list grew to over 100 unique models! Below is a comprehensive list of the models that will be included. We are still working on finishing some of the models. We will add renders as the models are completed.

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4 thoughts on “Late Pledge for Skeletal Army Kickstarter”

  1. hi there love your ideas and work, you got me! before i back, just wondering are the skeletons on round bases or are they printed without. i want them for warhammer and need them to be on square bases or none at all 😀
    regards jason

    1. Thanks! If you’re looking to pledge for the digital files, none of the STL’s have an attached base. We also print them without a base. We have several bases that you can choose from though. If you’re purchasing physical models, we will ship bases with your models for free so you can paint them separately and then glue them on. We can leave the bases out though if you aren’t interested in using them.

    1. Soon. We just received a large batch of our models back from Atlas 3DSS (the professional support company that we are working with) We are test printing them all now. As soon as we verify that the supports work as intended we will start printing large batches and filling physical orders. I’m sorry that this took so long. I know we are way past the intended date. I think you’re going to be happy with the final result though.

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