New Rewards and Points System

Introducing Runeforge Points

Since forming Runeforge Studios, I have struggled with two main issues. The first being how to give confidence to new first time purchasers, and the second being how to reward returning customers. I believe I have finally found a solution to both problems, and I’m pleased to announce that it is already active! With “Runeforge Points” new customers will be able to try before they buy, and returning customers will be rewarded with discounts on future purchases. 

For Skeptical Visitors

I know it’s tough taking a chance on a brand new company. I have been in a similar situation many times: I see a product I want, but the website just doesn’t look as trustworthy or official as I’d like. Ultimately my hesitation causes me to close out the website without making the purchase. Without a lot of social proof (reviews, internet presence, etc) it can be difficult to know if the website is even a real business. 

I want to alleviate any doubts by offering a few of our minis for free. For now, this only applies to STL files. (downloads to be 3D printed by you)  However, we hope to include a physical copy in the future for those who haven’t yet ventured into the 3D printing hobby.

But Wait, There's More!

Ever since we launched our first products we have had an amazing customer return rate. I have always been extremely appreciative of this, and I have always done my best to show that appreciation anyway that I could. Sometimes I was able to do this through coupons or free samples of our newer products, but no matter what I offered, it felt a bit lacking. 

Ultimately, I would love to let every returning customer pick what they wanted, but as the number of customers grew, I quickly found myself unable to give each customer the time that I felt they deserved.  Also, there was a concern for fairness. I hated the idea that some customers may be getting more special treatment than others. 

Thankfully, I believe the points system fixes these problems as it is a fair and automated process that allows returning customers to apply discounts to whatever they like.  

  • When you create an account, your account is instantly awarded 250 points. ($2.50 of store credit.) 
  • Points are equal to one cent ($0.01 USD) and can be applied to any product in our store. 
  • 10 points will be awarded for every $1 spent on our store. 
  • 60 points will be awarded for every review that is left on products. (This includes “purchases” made using points in addition to the free sample models. Only one review may be submitted for each product, and only verified owners are able to leave reviews. Reviews should always be an honest representation of your experience. Don’t be afraid to tell us what we are doing wrong or what we could be doing better. That being said, if you feel that we provided a good product, you’re certainly encouraged to leave five stars.
  • Bonus points will occasionally be offered for newly added products or certain products that we are trying to encourage visitors to try. 
  • You can see your current point total in the “points” tab of your Runeforge.com account dashboard.
  • Course purchases don’t grant points at this time, but I will be adding this functionality in the future. 
  • Courses are unable to be purchased using points for the time being. We will look to extend the points program to the courses in the future. However, if you wish to use points to try one of our courses in the meantime, email me at Christian@runeforge.com and I will try to perform this for you manually.

In Closing

I hope that with these changes we can give confidence to those considering making a purchase with us and establish a great, long-lasting, relationship with everyone who chooses to follow through.

Thank you so much for your time and your support,


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3 thoughts on “New Rewards and Points System”

  1. Will this also be part of the kick starter, already planning on getting two full orders of the undead, one being a gift. Unfortunately I do not have a 3d printer so will miss out on that review.

    1. Yes and no.

      You’ll notice that we are not currently selling physical prints of models yet. This is because we are purchasing bulk orders from our 3rd party vendor, and we don’t have them in yet. However, when we get the physical models in, they will be added to the store. At that time, they will be eligible for points at the same rate (10 points for each dollar spent and 60 points for each review)

      So Yes, Physical Models purchased through the Kickstarter will also be eligible to be reviewed and will award 60 points each. Accounts will also be granted 10 points per dollar spent through the Skeletal Army Kickstarter. However, you’ll need to create an account as shown in the video above. The points will be awarded to each account after the Kickstarter ends. It’s important to note that this is not an automated process. I will have to manually add points to Kickstarter backers. There may be a slight delay, but stay in contact, and I promise I’ll do everything I can to make it a good experience.

      Example: For a backer who pledges for a “Large Set” (16 minis) at $59 this will be equal to 590 points (or $5.90 in store credit on future purchases.) In order to claim those points, the backer would first have to create an account on Runeforge.com which will grant an additional 250 points (now for a total of $8.40 store credit) If the backer then goes on to leave a review of the “large set” they will be awarded another 60 points (for a total of $9 store credit which may be applied to future purchases)

      And No – The “Bonus Points Program” described at the bottom of the post is for STL files only. The physical models are priced a bit higher as there are inventory and logistic hurdles involved. Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer free physical models in exchange for reviews on a one for one basis.

      I hope this helps clear it up. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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