Our First Kickstarter!

Like many other businesses, Runeforge Studios was completely devastated by the effects of Covid-19. We were forced to give up our office space, pack our equipment into storage, and we even had to find other jobs to make ends meet during this troubling time.

Thankfully, it seems as though the dark times are coming to an end. We are very eager to get back to pursuing our passion and creating more amazing products for you all. In an effort to help jump start the process, we have decided to launch our first Kickstarter.

The Plan


We chose to start our reopening by re-releasing our most popular set of miniatures: The skeletal army. These are the same files that have been printed dozens (if not hundreds) of times. So you know they work! We will be selling physical copies, STL files, and for the first time ever: resellers licenses.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I buy the same models that you’ve already sold before?” I hear you, but I think we can sweeten the deal enough to make it worth it.

Let's start with
the STL files


  • For starters, we are selling the entire set of skeletal warriors and skeletal cavalry STL files at a significantly reduced rate.- all 22 models for only $29 (Stretch Goal models will be added at no additional cost) All models have been pre-repaired with Autodesk Netfab and printed dozens of times.
  • As mentioned previously, we will be selling licenses that will allow the purchaser to sell prints using our STL files. (we will even help you optimize them)
  • Next, we will be making pre-supported versions of all models to help create a “plug and play” experience. This upgrade will be free for everyone who pledges for STL files.
  • In addition, we will be looking to dial in the settings on all popular 3D printers currently used by the community. (Anycubic Photon, Elgoo Mars, Phrozen Sonic, EPAX X1, etc) We will test print all of our files on each machine and find the exact settings to give you the best prints.
  • A first stretch goal will be to add stylized bases to each model. These upgrades will also be free for everyone who pledges for STL files.
  • our second stretch goal will be to add “Skeletal Acolytes” (fallen priests that accompanied the army – now raised to work necromantic magic) We will give at least 3 poses/versions
  • our third, fourth, fifth, and sixth stretch goals will be to add a few siege weapons – Catapult, Balista, Trebuchet, and Battering Ram. (These will be stylized to fit the theme and will have the associated skeletal workers to operate them.)
  • Our seventh stretch goal will be to create a great living necromancer villain responsible for raising this army. – We will create at least two poses/versions
  • Our eighth stretch goal will be to create a lich alternative to the living necromancer – We will create at least two poses/versions
  • Our ninth stretch goal will be to create a wraith/ grim reaper (floating skeleton in heavy tattered robes with a large scythe weapon) – we will create at least three poses/versions
  • Our tenth and final stretch goal will be to create a Draco Lich – we will create at least two poses/versions
Last but not least – We will also have an early bird tier that will include our graveyard skeleton set at no additional cost for those who pledge within the first three days. (7 additional models) These models will also be eligible for resale for those who pledge at the reseller’s license tier.

How about
Physical Models?

As an immediate upgrade, we will be shipping all standard sized models in our collector’s box at no additional cost. Besides being beautiful, the collector’s box is made up of a very premium and rigid cardboard complete with a foam insert and a magnetic flap lid. Let your minis rest in luxury while the box brightens up your gaming environment.




  • All models will be produced by our new third party vendor. The quality that they are able to get with their industrial 3D printers is insane. The detail resolution is much better than what we were able to produce before.
  • If we are able to hit our third stretch goal, all models will be upgraded to have stylized bases at no additional cost.
  • If we are able to hit our fourth stretch goal, we will be creating a custom collector’s box for the Skeletal Cavalry. (complete with foam insert, beautiful new artwork, and magnetic flap lid.) This upgrade will be offered to all who pledge for skeletal cavalry miniatures at no additional cost. (These collector’s boxes will take about six months to design, test, mass produce, have shipped, and secured in-house before they can be mailed out. Each person who pledges will have an option to wait until we receive the new collector’s boxes to have their Skeletal Cavalry models shipped in them or to receive their Skeletal Cavalry as soon as they are available in standard packaging)
  • If we are able to hit our fifth stretch goal, we will also be creating custom collector’s boxes for the “Skeletal Army” set. This will include new artwork specifically for the skeletal warrior miniatures. This upgrade/option will be available for free to everyone who pledges for physical models. (wait times and options will be the same as above.)



We feel that with these upgrades, we can provide an unprecedented level of quality and user experience. We are excited to get back to it, and we can’t wait to see how you guys will use these products. We can’t thank you all enough for the support that you gave to use last year. You guys really let us pursue our dreams and make some amazing things. I hate to ask for more, but if you can spare the time, please check out our Kickstarter page and click “Notify me on launch

If you really feel like going the extra mile for us, please consider sharing the project with your friends, social media outlets, gaming groups, etc. Also, please consider following us on our social media outlets. Thank you all so much in advance.