Goblin Boar Rider: Archer (STL File)

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Are regular goblin foot soldiers not getting it done? Assault your players with Goblin Boar Riders!

This design was inspired by goblins attempting to copy the armor and weapons they have seen better crafters make. Notice the steel plates affixed to a basic wooden shield and leather armor. Crude but effective, this little guy is sure to make your players look twice.

This file has been tested on multiple types of printers.

1 review for Goblin Boar Rider: Archer (STL File)


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    Super Detailed and Super Fragile

    Honest Opinion:
    Really neat and detailed model, but the spikes & horns on the boar are super fragile and got damaged just from handling, at least when printed using filament. Prints made with resin may have different levels of durability.

    Other info:
    I printed this with an FDM printer, on the full understanding that the model was designed for use with resin printers. To make it work, I had to enable supports. Unfortunately Cura could not generate proper supports for the boar’s underbelly using the mode where the supports only touch the base plate, and instead the “everywhere” mode had to be used. This made removing the supports particularly arduous due to the delicate nature of most of the details on this piece. There’s not a terribly lot of places to grasp the model by that don’t risk breaking the points off while working in certain areas for the first part of the support removal.

    Removing the supports around the base and underbelly was a little nerve-wracking just due to the sheer amount of support. It wasn’t always immediately clear if the supports were just being stubborn, or if I was blindly trying to amputate a leg. Working slow in very small pieces seemed to be the best way to go about it. Be careful when removing supports near the upper part of the boar. It’s really easy to accidentally grab hold of a spike with the support material.

    Printer Used:
    Ender 3 Pro w/ modifications

    Resin / Filament Used:
    Inland PLA White (1.75mm)

    Slicing Software Used:

    Slicer Settings:
    Layer Height: 0.12 mm
    Line Width: 0.4 mm
    Infill Density: 30%
    Infill Pattern: Gyroid
    Printing Temperature: 200 C
    Build Plate Temperature: 60 C
    Print Speed: 50 mm/s
    Enable Retraction: True
    Support Type: Tree

    October 28, 2020
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    • Runeforge Studios | HD 3D Printed Table-top Miniatures

      October 28, 2020

      Thanks for covering this one. Those supports look like a nightmare. to deal with. I think I will look into adding a version without the base. I don’t think that will help with the spikes, but at least you might be able to clean the belly a little easier.

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