Goblin Boar Rider – Spear (STL File)

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Are regular goblin foot soldiers not getting it done? Assault your players with Goblin Boar Riders!

This design was inspired by goblins attempting to copy the armor and weapons they have seen better crafters make. Notice the steel plates affixed to his leather armor. Crude but effective, this little guy is sure to make your players look twice.

This file has been tested on multiple types of printers.

1 review for Goblin Boar Rider – Spear (STL File)


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    Adrian Frisicaro

    very fine detail

    Excellent mini, could do with proper supports though.

    December 20, 2020
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    • Runeforge Studios | HD 3D Printed Table-top Miniatures

      December 20, 2020

      You’re absolutely right. We are planning to do a Goblin themed Kickstarter next. During that Kickstarter, we will revisit all of these models, make edits, add supports, create unique bases (to be printed separately), as well as add plenty of additional models.

      While we initially felt that the Skeletal Army got away from us at 101 models, We’re now very thankful that we received so many suggestions and got to add so many additional models to the set. We’d love to show the Goblins the same love.

      Keep an eye out. We plan to start working on the Goblin Kickstarter as soon as we finish delivering all of the files for the Skeletal Army Kickstarter.

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