Goblin Shaman – Ram (STL File)

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A great adversary for low-level groups. This little guy will be sure to make your players look twice. Channeling spirits and dark magics, this shaman enhances his warriors and is sure to be a thorn in the side of your players.

This file has been tested on multiple types of printers.

1 review for Goblin Shaman – Ram (STL File)


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    Definitely Would Print Again

    Honest Opinion:
    This one is really cool, with a lot of attention to detail. At some point, I’ll have to print one that’s scaled up quite a bit to just have around the house.

    Other info:
    Be extra careful when removing supports. The fine detail work on this makes it really easy to accidentally grab hold of something that you don’t mean to, thinking that it was part of the supports. I know, I nearly ripped the rock off the skull on the staff. I actually had to pull up the image of the model while I worked at getting the supports off, to make sure I was only removing what I should.

    Printer Used:
    Ender 3 Pro w/ modifications

    Resin / Filament Used:
    Inland PLA White (1.75mm)

    Slicing Software Used:

    Slicer Settings:
    Layer Height: 0.12 mm
    Line Width: 0.4 mm
    Infill Density: 30%
    Infill Pattern: Gyroid
    Printing Temperature: 200 C
    Build Plate Temperature: 60 C
    Print Speed: 50 mm/s
    Enable Retraction: True
    Support Type: Tree

    October 29, 2020
    Verified Purchase

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