Skeletal Army – Archer – Firing (STL File)

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  • This is a digital file only 
  • You will need to print this file on a 3D printer (resin recommended) 
  • This Zip file contains renders, supported, and unsupported versions of the model.

6 reviews for Skeletal Army – Archer – Firing (STL File)

  1. Adrian Frisicaro (verified owner)

    Excellent mini.

  2. Martin Biggs (verified owner)

    Excellent pose, high detail. Prints well with supports provided.

  3. rparavicini (verified owner)

    I like my minis to be a bit diverse, but basically the same. The different poses help a lot!

  4. Psybite (verified owner)

    Having purchased a brand new Anycubic Photon Zero, I first run Anycubic’s R_E_R_F test to get layer exposure timings and printed one other small item. After which I then decided to print this STL model along with 3 other models from the Skeletal Army range at the same time, to get an idea of its quality. I was not disappointed at all!
    First off the model same pre-supported and unsupported, meaning I could choose how I wanted to print this model. However the supports included in the STL are well placed and so I decided to stick with using these. Glad I did too! Despitethe imposing number of supports they where easy to remove, either before or after curing. Keeping all the detail on the model as designed.
    The strength of the finished model is good too, even with thin details such the the leg bones, arrow and bow arms. Quite happily surviving a drop test onto a hard surface from about 12 inches, I feel this will happily survive if it was accidentally knocked off of a gaming table, which some pre-formed plastic models might not. Yet the model still has some elasticity on parts such as the bow arms.
    Talking of which the bows have good tips, meaning you could actually use a thread of cotton to represent a bow string on the finished model. Details such as the chain mail, folds in the fabric and face have come out well. I look forward to playing around with my printer settings and seeing if I can get this further dialled in, to better pick out the finer detail included in the STL such as the texture of the wood on the bow arms and the feathering on the fletched arrows.

    The image below is after I have printed, washed, quickly trimmed and then cured. But I do need to give it a once over with a craft knife to remove some of the supports that I did not clip tight to the model. Any lines that appear like fingerprints are down to the limitations of my printer and settings and not a fault of the model.

    These where printed at 0.05 layers, 8x AA, 10sec layers.

    I will try to remember to take more more photos once I have cleaned it up more and applied an undercoat, with drybrush to pick out the detail.

  5. rparavicini (verified owner)

    prints like a charm

  6. Jakejakar (verified owner)


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