City Guard / Mercenary – Sleeping Guard (STL File)

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  • You will need to print this file on a 3D printer
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Recreate a classic scene from many great heist/ escape movies with a sleeping guard complete with a key ring around his belt. This is a must-have model for any rogue Player Character to overcome. Can your player characters get the keys without waking the guard? … whatever you do, don’t roll a 1!

This model has been tested on multiple printers.

This model comes with pre-supported and unsupported versions.

1 review for City Guard / Mercenary – Sleeping Guard (STL File)

  1. Belguard (verified owner)

    Honest Opinion:
    Print came out nicely. Good pose. Would like to see an alert while sitting version.

    Other info:
    This model was originally designed to be printed with resin, but I used a filament printer, which required enabling supports in order to get it to print properly. The following statement may not be applicable when printed in resin.

    Removing the supports underneath the chair without breaking the legs or cross beams on the ghair was a bit of a process. You have to work slowly and in small sections. I suspect that if I had pliers with an even smaller tip and longer prongs than my existing pair, that it would not have been as difficult.

    Printer Used:
    Ender 3 Pro w/ modifications

    Resin / Filament Used:
    Inland PLA White (1.75mm)

    Slicing Software Used:

    Slicer Settings:
    Layer Height: 0.12 mm
    Line Width: 0.4 mm
    Infill Density: 30%
    Infill Pattern: Gyroid
    Printing Temperature: 200 C
    Build Plate Temperature: 60 C
    Print Speed: 50 mm/s
    Enable Retraction: True
    Support Type: Tree

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