Runeforge Academy

The Best Place to Learn the Miniature 3D Printing Pipeline

Would you like to learn how to create your own 3D printable miniatures? You’ve come to the right place! We have created several courses to teach you how to create 3D printable miniatures using the exact techniques that we use. 

Self Paced Courses

  • Take pre-recorded lessons on your own time. All lessons have discussion tabs where you can post questions and are reviewed by instructors multiple times a day.

Flexible Payment Options

  • Access all of our content for a low monthly subscription or purchase a course for lifetime access.

Professional Skillset

  • Learn and master the industry-leading Softwares Zbrush and Autodesk Maya to create professional-quality 3D models fit for 3D printing and sales.

Skeleton Minis in Zbrush

  • Learn How to make your own 3D Printable Skeleton mini.

Skeletal Warriors in Zbrush

  • Learn to create an army of 3D printable skeleton warriors in Zbrush. 

Human Males for 3D Printing in Zbrush

  • Learn to sculpt five different body types, faces, and hairstyles – all optimized to show vividly when 3D printed. 

Rogues in Zbrush and Maya

  • Create a whole guild of unique rogues. 
  • Learn to speed up your workflow by blocking out weapons in Autodesk Maya
  • Learn to export assets from Autodesk Maya and import the into Zbrush to sculpt extra fine details. 

Modular Minis in Zbrush

  • Learn how to create modular miniatures as well as how to convert your finished static models into modular Minis.