Skeletal Army Kickstarter Project

Welcome to the project page for the Skeletal Army Kickstarter. The purpose of this page is to share updates and download links with backers of the project. 

With this new page, we hope to be able to provide a much better experience by rolling out new models as they are finished rather than making backers wait until everything is released all at once. 

In order to make best use of this page, please be sure to check back often and download the new models as they become available. I recommend bookmarking this page. 

Alternatively, you may also wait until they have all been finished at which point we will package an “All files” download option. 

Bulk Download of All Files

3-26-21 Update

3-28-21 Update

3-29-21 Update

3-30-21 Update

3-31-21 Update

4-8-21 Update

4-13-21 Update

4-15-21 Update

4-16-21 Update

4-17-21 Update

4-24-21 Update